Empire Acoustics

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Empire Acoustics is a certified union trade company with offices in Brockville and Ancaster Ontario, working with general contractors who manage Industrial, Commercial and Institutional projects across Ontario.

Our team of expertly managed skilled trades work on projects including the areas of Ottawa to Kingston, Toronto, Niagara Falls and London, Ontario.

Our Specialty

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Drywall Services

Our team is skilled and trained in the following ICI trades:

Metal Stud Framing

Structural Heavy Gauge Stud Framing
Light Gauge Framing
Wood and Metal Blocking

Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation
Taping/Up to Level 5 Finish
Batt Insulation
Plywood Sheathing

Fire-Rated Assemblies

Fire-rated Wall Construction
Fire-resistant Ceiling Systems

Acoustic Ceilings

Ceiling Baffles
Tectum Ceiling Panels
Acoustic Sound Clouds
Acoustics Sound Absorption Panels
Specialty Wood Ceilings
Specialty Acoustic Ceilings


Seismic Restrictions
Interior/Exterior Partitions

Using top quality materials built to last

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Helping Create structurally sound, Functional and Well Designed Workplaces

Design Inspiration

Specialty Installation Services

Empire specializes in the installation of acoustic products: