Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Drywall Services

Our team is skilled and trained in the following ICI trades:

  • Structural Heavy Gauge Stud Framing
  • Light Gauge Framing
  • Batt Insulation
  • Fire-Rated Assemblies
  • Drywall Installation
  • Wood and Metal Blocking
  • Plywood Sheathing
  • T-Bar Ceilings
  • Specialty Ceilings
  • Taping / Level 5 Finish

All services are performed by certified union tradesmen.



Specialty Installation Services

Empire specializes in the installation of acoustic products:

  • Ceiling Baffles
  • Tectum
  • Acoustic Sound Clouds
  • Acoustics Sound Absorption Panels
  • Specialty Wood Ceilings
  • Specialty Acoustic Ceilings

T-Bar Ceilings

Acoustic Panels

Finish Taping